20006 Work

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Demo Reel 2005Demo Reel"05_29.5mbFor Love: A short filmFor Love:Short film65.6mb

Disc2Day_IntroDisc2Day Intro_ 2.4mbGo Wireless CommercialGo Wireless______6.6mb

Blue Harvest IntroBlue Harvest Intro1mb Point In Time Studios IntroPoint In Time Studios1.mb

EJP Software IntroEJP Software _10.3mbPremier Bull animationPremier Car&Truck 1.0mb

Hiking Viking AnimationIverson Motors__1.0mbPIT Demo ReelPoint In Time Dem20.5mb

School Projects

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Demor ReelDemo Reel"05_15.8mb DistatantDistant 2005 ____8.7mb

2D Demo Reel 20052D Demo 2005__3.9mb Freedom 2005Freedom 2005 __4.6mb

Speedbag TestSpeedBag 2004_1.0mb Tiger Woods Golf SwingGolf Swing 2004 0.6mb

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